The Recipe for Successful Advertising

Do you find it difficult to determine what to include in your business advertising? Trying to figure out what to include in your business advertising can be a challenge. By including too much or too little information, you can easily miss your target audience.

4 key factors in advertising:

  1. Feeling – does it reach to the emotional side of the customer. Is it unique enough to grab their attention?
  2. Function – is it practical or functional. Does it meet the needs of potential customers?
  3. Information – do you have all the right information in your advertising? Phone numbers, hours of operation, website address, services, etc.
  4. Consistency – are all your advertising media’s sporting the same message with the same branding

Make the most of your advertising through content. Content shows the best of what your business offers, including services and brands. What are your specialties? See your business through your customers’ eyes, what are they looking for and why is yours the best? Research your competition in the area. What catches your attention? Just as importantly, take control of your online presence. You will want to have a fully informational website, join the social media world and check out online directories to make sure your business information is correct, and advertise with them to boost your visibility.

Your advertising needs to have a call to action or enticer such as “call for a free estimate”. Give them a reason why they should call you rather than your competitor. And don’t be afraid to get creative with your advertising. Think outside the box and venture out from the traditional look of advertising. Make sure you stay consistent with all your advertising media. Once something is noticed, it becomes recognizable. Which is why having a brand is so important. Use color, be careful not to clutter your ads but have the information a customer needs, grab attention and capture emotion with the use of imagery.

Your image is everything. Make sure you convey the right message to your customers. Be honest, make sure you are easy to contact, be available for questions or concerns. Build trust with outstanding customer service, and if someone is happy with your product, ask them to leave a recommendation or testimonial on one of their favorite referral sites. Reputation is everything!

Stand out and show the world what you are all about, and remember, more than anything else, be yourself.

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