What We Do… Find Out More About Us!

Ever wonder what it is, exactly, Pinnacle Marketing Group does? Here’s an opportunity to find out! Pinnacle Marketing Group is in the business of helping small businesses reach their design, website, video production, social media, and online presence goals. We understand the challenges small businesses face, but with those challenges comes opportunity to grow and succeed. Working alongside small businesses is our passion, and our team loves helping each business in a professional but relaxed one-on-one setting. Some of our services include:

  • Design – Pinnacle Marketing Group offers design services for branding, logo design, social media design, ad design and so much more.
  • Social Media Management – We know how valuable a well-managed social media platform can be. We also know how time consuming and often frustrating it can be. Pinnacle Marketing Group is proud to have some of the most knowledgeable and dedicated social media managers around. Let us do the work for you.
  • Video Production – It’s just like it sounds! We can create and produce a 30 second video for all your advertising needs.
  • Website Creation and Hosting – As you know, websites are the keystone to your online presence and Pinnacle Marketing Group understands all the best practices needed to go along with creating a solid website for you.
  • Online and Print Directory Advertising – Gain an online presence by advertising on localsolution.com, an online search directory, and place your ad in your local phone directory.

These services and more, are all about getting your small business noticed. In today’s ever-changing technology trends, the support of a company geared directly at your success is important and beneficial. Small Businesses. We know it, live it, and breathe it.

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