Why is a Website so Important?

11.2016_Why Websites
Technology has grown exponentially in the last year and will only continue its fast-paced information sharing long into the future. People can, and do, search on the go, gathering up knowledge about specific businesses. Make sure your voice is heard and that you don’t fall between the cracks. What’s the easiest way to make sure you have an online presence as well? A website.

Websites are the foundation to online presence. Without one, you lack the searchability needed for a customer to find you online and get the information they are looking for. There is very little downfall to having a website, no matter how small your business may be. Websites create an online presence, showcase your brand, convey a sense of professionalism, helps build trust by telling your story to a new customer as well as help you get your business listed on search engines like Google and Bing.

So, what are important key aspects your website should have in order for a customer to find you? Just a few easy steps will make all the difference.

  1. Name, address, and phone number of your business
  2. A point of contact, hours of operation, and consider adding a map to your location
  3. Service or products list. Just listing your services or showing and listing products can influence a customer to go to your business
  4. If you can or want to sell any products online, setting up an e-commerce link
  5. Any social media platforms you may have (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) Linking to these platforms helps your business come full circle in the online world
  6. A little bit about how your business started and where you’re going in the future

Just having that information can rocket your business to a new height in reaching online searchers and on-the-go patrons. The most important thing to remember, having a website is convenient to your customers and with that convenience comes loyal and new customers. A website also gives you the power to share news with your clients. Holiday hour changes, specials, sales, new products, and store updates are all things you can easily put on your website for all your customers to see. The benefits a website has for you and your customers are nearly endless and all positive. Be heard, be seen. Get a website today.

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