Using Current Trends in Your Marketing Strategy

As the world keeps turning and times keep changing we continue the battle to keep up with our competitors on the latest marketing trends in order to stay ahead of the game. With new generations of iPhones, iPads and many other digital devices creeping into the market, our best practice is to follow this trend and take full advantage of all the benefits it holds. As we think about our advertising and marketing strategies, it is important we incorporate the trends that are currently flourishing such as digital growth. Internet usage on mobile devices has skyrocketed since 2008, and continues to grow. As small business owners, we need to make sure we have mobile friendly versions of our websites for our customers.

One device that will change the game for marketers in the upcoming year is the Oculus Rift. This is a virtual reality device that allows you to submerge yourself into the world of gaming, movies and even jumping into a specific destination to interact with others. Marketers should follow this upcoming trend very closely, as their strategies will change based on the popularity of these new and upcoming technological devices. Each and every product that develops is a new marketing piece for all business owners. It is up to you on how to use it.

Technology is a huge part of the way owners market their brand and products, however customer feedback is a significant part of the thought that goes behind every marketing strategy. Customer feedback will form how a strategy unfolds, and business owners will need to address what the customer is looking for, and what they’ll need to do to gain the customers attention and promote their products.

The world will continue to turn and times will keep changing. It is our job to stay ahead of it!

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