Capture Your Audience

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, or rather behind their computer screen.

With the unimaginable amount of online Laptop-163186633content and advertisements, it’s easy for the message and personality of your business to get lost in the endless abyss. A customer needs to be able to find your business, trust your business, and understand your product or service in a very short period of time. This is why the most successful online marketing is personable, memorable, straightforward,
and easy to understand, and video encompasses all of these qualities.

Finding your business:

Begin to understand how your customer finds your business online. An enormous amount of online traffic is directed by search engines such as, Google, and YouTube. Before you can gain the trust of your customer, you must gain the trust of the search engine. In order to convince a search engine that your business link is credible, you need a balance of appropriate keywords and viewer interaction.

Video opens the door to keywords that are inaccessible to other types of marketing. There are some words that, when typed into a search engine, tend to result in more videos. If your advertisements don’t include videos, you are at a serious disadvantage.

Videos have proven to be very engaging for people of all ages. They make it easy to take an idea and share, re-share, comment, and “like”. This activity has a huge impact on how legitimate your content looks to search engines.

Trusting your business:

Preferably, your customer would be standing in front of you, all ears. You can passionately explain why your business is the best and why they should do business with you. You would communicate using much more than just words. You would be projecting your personality and the personality of your business and its brand. You would be much more straightforward and easy to understand, gaining the customer’s trust and building rapport, something that is hard to do online.

Video makes it possible to have several of these one-on-one interactions at a time. The number of people watching your video at any given time could be limitless. Being able to put a voice and images to your business puts the customer at ease. When a customer can see your employee’s faces or the inside of your building, it immediately makes your business seem more relatable and honest.

Understanding your products/services:

The fastest way to have the message of your business overlooked is by appearing to chase only after the sale. Many successful business owners have found a way to avoid the cold-shoulder approach: They use their marketing as a chance to prove to their customers that they are knowledgeable in their field.

Imagine using video to show the how-to or the why-to of your products/services. The customers will actually find your advertisements interesting and helpful. The customer will walk away feeling as though they gained knowledge on the subject, making your advertisement more memorable and your business more respectable. You are the professional in your field, and the customer wants to understand what you can do for them.

Video makes it possible to communicate the character of your business and the nature of your products/services in a way that is personable, memorable, straightforward, and easy to understand. Don’t let your message to be drowned out in the crowded world of online advertisements.

Engaging, sincere, genuine, and uncomplicated






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