Great Customer Service – Tips

Great Customer Service

As a business owner, you know your customers are your number one priority and having the skills and tools to offer superb customer service will be your crowning asset. Not every customer is going to be happy, but that doesn’t mean as a business owner you can’t at least satisfy them. So how do you offer great customer service even when the situation is difficult?

Here’s a few tips: 

Listen! Listen and understand how the customer is thinking and feeling.

Prepare! If you are working with a customer over the phone, prepare all the information you can before beginning a conversation. This allows you quick reference to any situation.

Return calls quickly. The longer you wait, the more a problem can occur.

Get answers. Don’t be afraid of telling a customer that you need to speak with a supervisor or look into the problem further.

Be open. It’s always easier to give a little and keep a customer happy.

Don’t take it personal. Sometimes a customer just can’t be satisfied. Do the best you can.

Many times, even if the customer doesn’t get exactly what they initially asked for, great customer service can save a relationship.  Most customers will remember your willingness to help, your genuine interest for their concerns and your attention to detail in finding a solution. Building your customer service skills is a giant step in maintaining customer relations and will help your business reputation thrive.

How do you offer GREAT customer service?

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