Mobile Presence is Vital For Small Business

Mobile Presence is Vital For Your Small Business

Technology has really boosted how the world receives information by delivery it right to your finger tips. As a small business, stepping up your efforts to make your information mobile is key for potential customers searching for your services. The Endurance International Group surveyed 900 small businesses and found that 70% agreed that a mobile site would help their business, but only 20% actually have one. The study also showed “That over half of small businesses plan on investing in digital tools in 2015.”

You may already know that having your business available on mobile is important, especially since many of your competitors are either on mobile, or moving in quickly in that direction. Get a step ahead and utilize this fast-paced search by allowing your small business to stand out and thrive with up-to-date and important mobile friendly information. Let your customers find you in an instant!

For more information click HERE to view the study infograph.


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