Moving Your Business

Helpful tips when moving your business to another location

1. Branding: Keep business branding consistent so customers can easily identify you at your new location. A new banner outside with your logo and “New Location” is one example to show company branding. It is never a good idea to change your business branding in-between your move to the new location. This is confusing for your current costumers and may appear that a new business is opening up. People recognize your business by your logo.

2. Communication: Communicate with your current customers, vendors and other business networks at least 60 days before your move. Giving them a heads shows that you planned the move and that you are a reliable business. If you bill clients, be sure to tell them clearly to update their own contact information for you so payments are sent to your new address.

3. Notification: Inform your customers at least 30 days of your new location before your move. If the business will have to be shut down for any length of time, notify your customers through social media sites, newspaper ads, radio, mailers, posters, etc.

4. Information: Make sure you are updating all your printed materials: brochure, letterheads, business cards, etc. Update your digital information as well; websites, online profiles, social media sites, etc. Be thorough as you can, the larger your business is the more difficult this can be. This is also a good time to tidy up your business and get rid of anything that you don’t use anymore.

5. New & Current Customers: Host a grand opening event. This will attract new customers and will make your current customers feel welcome and comfortable at your new location. You will be amazed at the response you can get when you offer free food and give away door prizes.

Share any useful tips you have on moving with us!

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