Business Cleaning

Let’s Keep It Fresh!

This list will help freshen up your company, so that you are able to see what you have accomplished and make room for your potential. Keep in mind that some of the suggestions below should be done more than once a year, depending on your business.

1. Declutter: Do a clean sweep of everything in your business. Throwing out items you do not need and organizing the things that you do. Take care of the upkeep needs in your company like; washing carpets, scrubbing walls or making repair on things that are broken. Look for technology updates that could help make your company more efficient.

2. Re-Evaluate: Take a look at policies/procedures that you have in place and ask yourself if anything needs to be changes or removed if it’s no longer relevant. Take a look at your competitors and see how you can make changes for your company to improve. Revisit your companies strategic plan and see if you are staying on course or if it needs to be revised.

3. Make New Goals: Write down goals to improve your company as an owner and as an employee. It is important to set the bar higher that last year and try and improve and make your company more successful.

4. Give Thanks: Appreciate what you have accomplished this year! Show appreciating to your team of employees who have worked hard. Take a breath to “Smell the Roses” and go on vacation. You have no idea how much this helps you reboot your system and be more productive.


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