Pinnacle’s Perfect Recipe for Advertising #7 Headlines

Pinnacle’s Perfect Recipe for Advertising #7-Headlines

Short To The Point – Try not to take up too much space with a wordy headline. Keep in mind that potential customers are not going to read a paragraph description on what you business does, they are skimming through until something grabs their attention. So select the quality you feel is most important for you business and showcase it! If they want more information give them a way to get it, like having your website and phone number.

Memorable & Persuasive – Once again, uniqueness and creativity plays a big role in how your customers will remember your ad. Avoid using the same headlines as other advertisers – “Big or Small,  We Do Them All” – how many times have we seen that on an advertisement? Those types of headlines lose their magic. Creative attributes of your ad can stick out in customers minds. So make sure it’s a good memory and don’t be afraid to be different.

Entice Your Customers – The “cake topper” in your ad is the turning point for your customer. It’s what gets them to pick up the phone and call or email your business. Something like “Get 10% Off For Mentioning This Ad” or a picture of a tornado for a Insurance company. A “cake topper” engages your customer to act on what they see or read, and gets the door open for them to meet you in person, where you can dazzle them with great customer service.

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