Pinnacle’s Perfect Recipe for Advertising #5 – Size, Space & Color

Pinnacle’s Perfect Recipe for Advertising #5 – Size, Space & Color

There are many ways to create the look of your ad. How small or big should it be? Should there be a lot of color or just the basic black and white? How much information should you include? Does it really matter? When deciding how to create your ad remember this: it DOES matter! Here are some basic steps to consider:

1. Clutter Free – too much information can become confusing to read and will get passed over by your potential customers. Instead, stick to the important stuff. Name, location, business hours, and a few promotional phrases that are eye-catching and represent what your business is about.

2. Full Color is Supreme! Black and white can get lost in the mix. Customers respond to color advertising. Don’t go neon crazy, but make sure your ads are in full color so they stand out and look professional.

3. Choose Multiple Headings. When including your ad in your local telephone directory and your online directory, don’t just stick to one heading. The more visible you are, the better chance you have of reaching your target audience. Just make sure each heading is relevant to your business.

4. Bigger is Better – it’s true! Your ad will stand out and you will be able to include more important information without cluttering up the space.

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