Pinnacle’s Perfect Recipe for Advertising #4 – Company Image

Pinnacle’s Perfect Recipe for Advertising #4 – Company Image

Image can be everything. Make sure you convey the right message to your customers – that you are worth their business. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your image is a positive one that stands out:

– Honesty is key – let your customers know that you are trustworthy of their business

– Make sure you are easy to contact! Be available for questions, concerns or inquiries

– Consistency will help build a brand that customers can remember. Make sure the look of your advertising (logo, colors, tagline) and message are consistent.

– Build trust with outstanding service and show your strengths

– Recommendations and word of mouth are some of the best incentives for new customers to try your product. Ask customers for testimonials to be placed on your website and online directory sites.

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