5 Steps For Small Businesses To Revitalize Local Economies

Your small business can redefine how your community makes a living. Here’s how:

1. Start small.  Businesses should ask themselves what simple steps their organization can make toward social change, and clearly identify that vision.

2. Swap ideas about social responsibility with your competition.  Partnering with other businesses offers you an opportunity to learn new ways to foster a sense of social responsibility within your community.

3. Develop a relationship of accountability with your customers. Since communities have been devastated by the economic downturn, Americans are now shifting away from being isolated consumers and coming together as contributors.

4. Know that your local business can have global impact. Working toward global impact can give a company rich resources —and empower a local community.

5. Remember to celebrate the small victories. Although communities want to solve systemic social problems head-on, solving the problem while looking at the big picture can become overwhelming. Celebrate the small victories!

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