Remind Customers Your Seasonal Business Opens Soon

Remind Customers Your Seasonal Business Opens Soon

Seasonal businesses need to remind clients they still exist well in advance of their busy months. If they don’t execute a marketing plan early, they risk losing established customers and missing out on the chance to make new ones, says Chris Rimlinger, senior vice president of marketing for Money Mailer, a direct mail business in Garden Grove, Calif. Rimlinger spent two decades at large food and beverage corporations, where she developed marketing programs in partnership with small, specialty grocery retailers, and now works with hundreds of small companies to develop advertising and marketing plans. I spoke to her recently for her take on how entrepreneurs preparing for summer should build consumer awareness.

Right now is when summer businesses are gearing up for their most important time of the year. What do they need to think about?
Seasonal companies are such a great, vital part of the business community, but they’re outside of the consumer’s normal buying patterns most of the time. Their big job right now is to remind people they’re still out there.

For companies that put on outdoor events, or landscaping and lawn care companies or patio dining restaurants, it’s vital they make money during their seasons. If they miss out on expected revenue, they simply don’t have a chance to make it up later.

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