The Art of Listening Online

The Art of Listening Online
by Amber Mac

A few key strategies to make the most of brand monitoring can help your reputation in a big way.

Five years ago, in a small town on the east coast of Canada, the team behind Radian6 realized that businesses, big and small, would need a better way to engage with customers on the web. They built a platform to facilitate customer relationships by listening first. Now you can monitor a brand online to understand whether a product is getting compliments or complaints, attracting fans or foes. Radian6 quickly grew to dominate this space, with clients including Dell, Microsoft, and General Electric. But there was no better sign that listening is serious business than when Salesforce just announced it was buying the New Brunswick company for a whopping $316 million.

Whether you use Radian6 or simply manage your digital presence through search, there are a few key strategies to make the most of brand monitoring. If each of these are followed well, you will quickly find your most loyal ambassadors and give your reputation a boost.

1.  Plan ahead
Think back to a couple of years ago when Domino’s Pizza was dealing with two disgruntled employees who videotaped themselves doing unsavoury things to customers’ food and posted the results on YouTube. Many bloggers were critical of how long it took the company’s CEO to respond–almost a full 48 hours. As enticing as it is to simply dive into the listening realm, a well-organized plan is a must so you can establish how you’re going to deal with both good and bad buzz. The plan should include response timelines–in other words, determine how often you plan to review online conversations and how quickly you’ll commit to responding. Many social media disasters can be avoided if you react quickly. But failing that, react correctly. Fortunately, Domino’s CEO J. Patrick Doyle produced a video apology that was honest, authentic, and just in time.

2.  Connect consistently
It’s tempting to lurk online, stay back a safe distance and just watch the conversation unfold. However, the most effective companies are quickly learning that connecting is key. Just take a look at what great community managers, such as Ford’s Scott Monty, are doing online. The head of social media in Detroit always posts interesting updates, but he’s even better at responding to anyone who has something to say about his company. Check him out @ScottMonty to see how connecting consistently can create a loyal following.

3.  Measure often
There is no shortage of great software to track how popular your links are and what users are saying about your products or services. In order to determine if you’re engaging effectively, it’s important to regularly track positive and negative mentions. This means monitoring how often people are praising or criticizing what you do, and monitoring how this sentiment changes over time.

Assuming you have a great product or service, when the art of listening is done well, there are no limits to how a solid web presence can help your company grow.

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