2011 Pin-Olympics

The Pinnacle Misfits Take The Torch!

 Every year the end of summer marks a special time for Pinnacle employees. A very special signup sheet is posted in the break room, and in no time at all, is filled with anxious participants and hopeful Champions of the annual Pin-Olympics Games!

The Pin-Olympics is a three day long event where employees are randomly places on teams and participate in three 15-minute challenges in the hopes to be named Pin-Olympic Champions! This year, six teams with six members each, participated in a Six Station Relay Race, Extreme Mini-Golf, and Rubber Band Rapid Fire. The winning team, The Pinnacle Misfits, took the Pin-Olympic Torch after a very impressive round of Rubber Band Rapid Fire, launching the 4th place team into victory!

Pinnacle Misfits
Tie-Dyed Superstars
The Complete Foreigns
Degenerates 101
The Tonya Hardings
The Papers-Everyday We’re Shuffle -ing.

New this year to the Pin-Olympics, was a contest for best team name/apparel. Teams were given time outside of working hours to meet with their teammates and plan a creative course of action for their “Pin-Olympic Spirit Wear”. The title of Most Creative Name/Apparel went to the Tie-Dyed Superstars, who met on a Sunday to tie-dye and decorate their own shirts and bandanna’s. Voting slips were handed out to all participating members and employees who gathered to cheer their favorite team on during the events.  

The Pin-Olympic Games is just one of the events the IAC (Internal Activities Coordinators – a 4 person in-house committee) hosts throughout the year, striving to bring unity and encouragement to all the employees of Pinnacle Publishing.

Pictures of the events and teams will be posted HERE!

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